Occupational First Aid  Level 3

Name of course:                               Occupational Level three

Duration:                                               30 hours

Certificate valid for:                       3 years

Day 1

09:00    Introduction filling in of registers topographical anatomy primary and secondary survey diagnostic signs

10:30        tea time

10:45        The circulatory system respiratory system digestive system

(anatomy physiology)

13:00        lunch time

13:45        Mechanism of breathing artificial respiration one and two man C.P.R. infant and toddler resuscitation

15:00          tea time

15:10          Practicals on resuscitation

16:00          closing time

Day 2

09:00        revision wounds and bleeding (different types)

10:30        tea time

10:45        definition of shock types of shock ( hypovolemic shock hemoregig metabolic cardiogenic septic neurogenic psychogenic anaphylactic shock

13:00        lunch time

13:45        acute myocardial infarction congestive heart failures angina pectoris

15:00      tea time

15:10      diabetes mellitus and diabetic emergencies hyper/hypothermia

16:00        closing time


09:00        revision chest injuries (pnuemothorax sucking chest wound flail chest

10:30        tea time

10:45        burns stings and bites (snake spider scorpion- wasps dog bites)

13;00      lunch time

13:45      anatomy of the skeleton fractures excavation M.V.A

14:50        tea time

15:00 to 16:00         examination

On completion each candidate will receive a first-aid manual key ring pouch and a certificate valid for 3 years

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